Kerry Cleaning uses the best AirFlex Storm Carpet Cleaning Machine

Our AirFlex Storm carpet cleaning machine is the perfect all-round cleaning machine, combining convenience and efficiency with quality results every time. This is a very powerful cleaning machine hence why many cleaning companies will charge €20 a room but you are guaranteed superb results, our expert knowledge and attention to detail every time.

The AirFlex Storm machine is capable of cleaning up to 4 times faster than a standard machine twin vac/130psi.

Other machines and carpet cleaners do not leave the carpets virtually dry before leaving which in turn can cause mould, damp, and bad odours.

This incredible machine allows truck mount-type speed, easy to use, and quicker drying times.

This machine is incredibly powerful and a world-class flagship extractor and a great example of one of the best IPC cleaning machines. The AirFlex storm is an impressive 800psi machine and is can run hoses from over 200ft direct from our van. There are many features with this machine to ensure a supreme standard of cleaning in very little effort and a faster time.

The AirFlex storm machine includes a super-powered parallel vacuum and high-performance pump set up, this will ensure the cleaner can move the wand up to 4 times faster.

Clean in less time

AirFlex storm is designed to suit both a hard floor and carpet cleaning. It comes fitted with an 800psi pump. The machine is fully adjustable with an impressive pump which will allow the operator to clean more carpets in little time.

Drier Carpets and Hard flooring in less time

The Storm machine was designed and fit with an incredibly strong vacuum motor system. Compared to the standard Lamb-Ametek 1400- or 1200-watt motors used with the AirFlex turbo and AirFlex pro machines it is a way more powerful machine. The performance vacuum with the Storm is incomparable. It is used by most of the top cleaning companies in Ireland that offer the very best cleaning services.

The high-performance vacuum power will allow the wand to move much faster. The machine works more efficiently for soil extraction and there will be very few dry passes. You do not need to wait for hot water to heat, there is instant hot water.

Why not give us a call and try out our carpet cleaners. The difference in the speed time, easy to use, and quicker drying times you will not believe your eyes.

As the saying goes “You get what you pay for”

Why Choose Kerry Cleaning Carpet and upholstery cleaners 

  • Superb Results 

We work very hard with every job to ensure our customers are extremely happy with the finished results. Carpets and upholstery will be in the best possible condition and looking brand new.
  • Excellent Equipment 

We use the leading equipment on the market the AirFlex Storm Carpet and hard flooring cleaning machine.
  • Superb Value 

We provide very competitive and affordable prices for all our cleaning services. Why not give us a call for a free no obligation quotation.
  • Quicker drying times 

With our top of the range cleaning machines, your carpets and flooring will be dried in hours and not days.

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