Covid-19 Fogging for Vehicles
90 Day Antimicrobial Coating for Vehicles

Combating COVID-19 has never been more important than ever before. Kerry Cleaning has taken special measures to stop the spread of this highly contagious virus. Kerry Cleaning provides a 90 day Covid-19 vehicle fogging service throughout the Kerry, Cork, and Limerick regions to stop the spread of the virus with guidance from the public health service. Our deep cleaning specialised method is called ULV fogging. Our service is suitable for all vehicle types such as vans, fleets, cars, lorries, buses, and taxis. We have worked with major courier brands such as DPD couriers. With many years of experience in cleaning, our trained and expert staff can offer professional deep cleaning and decontamination services to help combat the spread of the virus. 

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 commonly known as Coronavirus. It is a highly contagious killer virus that has become a global pandemic. The virus spreads through small droplets from person to person via coughing and sneezing. The virus can affect the respiratory system and the lungs. The Coronavirus has a fast reproduction rate and can spread at a rapid rate. The commonly known symptoms of this virus include shortness of breath, fever, and coughing. The best way to stop the spread of this virus is by washing your hands, social distancing, have good overall hygiene, and to disinfect your vehicle. 

Certified ULV Bio-Hazzard Fogging

Kerry Cleaning now offers a sanitising and disinfecting vehicle ULV fogging service for towns and villages throughout the Kerry, Cork, and Limerick regions. We decontaminate with the approved Alltec Envirosafe anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaning agent. This product is effective against 99.9999% of viruses, mould, and bacteria (log kill 6). We use this product on all interior and exterior surfaces of vehicles, where virus and bacteria control are required which is proven to be effective for up to 90 days. 

Our accredited and qualified cleaning technician’s use a high quality and grade ULV Fogging machine that will sanitise the area being treated to provide a non-toxic bonding surface that will kill the virus in seconds. We use only government guidelines and comply with all health and safety regulations. The treatment is highly effective and safe to use. A safety data sheet is available on request! 

All fogging is carried out safely where our technicians wear all the appropriate and essential PPE which includes goggles, full body hooded overalls, shoe covers, masks, and gloves. We do not carry sponges, shoe covers, rags, masks, cloths, and protective gear from one vehicle to another. Every item is destroyed after every vehicle deep clean.



Vehicles we Service with ULV Fogging


Transport is essential for transporting goods and travelling to work. We can disinfect and deep clean every working van.


If you have several fleet vehicles the risk of spreading the virus is high. To reduce this risk, we can carry out a specialised fogging service that will kill all viruses and bacteria off every surface and keep your vehicles protected for up to 90 days. 


Transport is required on a day-to-day basis whether travelling to work safety should be your number one priority. Disinfecting and cleaning your car inside and out is essential to maintain hygiene. Our fogging service will disinfect all surfaces and common touchpoints of the car making your vehicle safe to drive.


Our fogging decontamination service is ideal for large vehicles such as lorries. It disinfects quickly accessing all hard to reach areas of the vehicle.


Fogging is the best precaution and service to use to ensure all workers and passengers on buses are protected and safe on every journey. Our fogging service will effectively clean every surface of the vehicle.


Give you and your passengers travelling with you peace of mind by safeguarding your taxi with a deep cleaning fogging service.

Fogging For DPD Couriers