Covid-19 Fogging Services Cork
Disinfecting & Sanitising – Certified ULV Fogging

Due to the current outbreak of the coronavirus commonly known as COVID-19, Kerry Cleaning has taken special measures to help tackle this pandemic and reduce the high risk of this infectious disease. We provide a professional COVID 19 deep cleaning and disinfection service available for residential and commercial needs throughout the county of Cork. Our team has many years of experience and with our qualified and trained staff, we now offer specialist decontamination and deep cleaning services to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. These sites include nursing homes, pharmacies, homes, creches, schools, shops, and offices. “It’s always better to be proactive, than reactive!”. 

What is COVID 19?

COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus is a highly contagious infectious disease that can spread from person to person through tiny water droplets from sneezing or coughing. This highly contagious virus affects the respiratory system and the lungs. The symptoms of this virus can include fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. The best way to combat this disease is by practicing good hygiene, sanitizing or washing our hands, and following the appropriate social distancing of 2 metres. 

Certified ULV Bio-Hazzard Fogging

Kerry Cleaning now offers a fast sanitising and disinfecting ULV fogging service for towns and villages throughout the county of Cork. We clean and sanitise with an approved Alltec Envirosafe anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaning agent. This product is effective against 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, and mould (log kill 6). We can use this product on hard surfaces, fabrics, and carpets, keeping viruses and bacteria under control.  

Our qualified and accredited cleaning technician’s use a safe sanitization process with a high quality and grade ULV Fogging machine that will sanitise the area being treated to provide a non-toxic bonding surface that will kill the virus in seconds. We use only HSE, and government advised protocols and comply with all health and safety regulations. The fogging treatment is highly effective and very safe. Safety data sheet available on request! 

Our expert cleaners wear all the essential personal protective equipment (PPE) which includes full body hooded overalls, gloves, shoe covers, goggles, and masks. We do not share or bring protective suits, shoe covers, cloths, rags, sponges, masks, etc. from one home to another. This is crucial to prevent cross-contamination. All items are destroyed after every deep clean. 


Sectors Serviced with ULV Fogging


Protect and safeguard your home and your loved ones with our professional sanitising and disinfecting fogging service. The entire home will be deep cleaned thoroughly.  


Deep clean and disinfect your local business office in Cork to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. We can clean a wide range of items and surfaces these include cardboard boxes, computers, office chairs, desks, tables, keyboards, and much more.  


Deep cleaning hotels and restaurants can allow owners to promote to their loyal new and existing customers that they are doing everything to combat this virus. ULV fogging will be essential for hotels, restaurants, and pubs reopening to give their customers confidence that they are protected from the virus. 


We provide a COVID-19 deep cleaning and fogging service for all schools and colleges to help combat this highly infectious virus. 

Nursing Homes

Deep cleaning and Disinfecting nursing homes will help reduce the risk to these high-risk residents from the virus via a soft and hard surface. Only a certified Bio-Hazard Fogging professional such as Kerry Cleaning is allowed to disinfect nursing homes. (Always ask for their qualification!). (Always ask for their qualification!).


Cleaning and sanitising in creches will lower the risk of spreading this infectious disease.  

We are fully qualified and experienced specialists in COVID-19 deep cleaning throughout Cork. Don’t delay give us a call today and we will take great care in helping reduce the threat of virus in your home or business. For the best quality Covid-19 protection and disinfectants, we would recommend We offer safe, effective, and quality cleaning services at very affordable prices.